Monday, September 28, 2009

These Shoes Were Made for Walking

Life has gotten more interesting with a walker. I'm realizing (belatedly) that I should probably get her some real shoes. She has a pair of Robeez, and a little pair of tennis shoes I got at a consignment sale a few weeks ago, but other than that, she's barefooting it.

I'm considering going to Stride Rite to get her fitted. My hesitation is the expense -- I can't justify spending upwards of $30 on a pair of shoes she'll wear for a few months at most!


Talia said...

Let her stay barefoot as long as the weather permits. Having their toes free helps beginning walkers balance and stuff.

Talia said...

Also you might like to check out

They have great mary janes for toddlers and equally great sales. You can always get little feet sized in a store and order less expensive shoesies later...