Friday, November 21, 2008

Eating from Elizabeth's perspective

Mom? Mooooooooom? MOOOOOOOOOM?!


Right now! Where's the food? Why are we walking to the fridge?

I can see the bottle! I can see it right in your hand!

Why isn't it in my mouth yet? Can't you SEE I'm starving?

Bottle...mouth...yum num num...wait...I'm still mad! You took too long! num num num...

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I'm not asleep! My eyes were closed and I was snoring, but I'm not asleep! Get that back here right now!

Num num num num...num...num....


Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Milestone!

This week Elizabeth has learned a few things.

1) When placed on her stomach, she's great at lifting her head and supporting herself on her arms, at least for a litle bit.

2) She's discovered how to flip herself from her stomach onto her back. She can do this repeatedly. She won't do it all the time because, as a child of mine and Grammar Girl's, she has an opinion on JUST when she will do it. But sometimes she does it four times in a row. It is so neat to watch, and she knows we love it when she does it.

3) Santa is a cool dude! We took her to get pictures taken, and I admit to having been nervous about her behavior. She was as calm as ice! Not mad, not sad, not shy, just cool, buddy. Eventually, she warmed up and started smiling at him. Santa was VERY good. I noticed he talked with them, played with them, was Santa even to the adults, and told all the children "I love you." We ended up with two really good pictures. In one, the two of them are smiling at the camera, and in the other she and Santa are smiling at each other.

So, a big week in our world!