Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just how she rolls

Elizabeth recently discovered the joys of rolling. She started before Thanksgiving with rolling from her tummy to her back, which she did repeatedly until she had an audience other than Mama and Daddy. We were at Noni and Grandpa's house for a week and not once would she deign to show off her new trick. She did it within five minutes of our arrival home, contrary child.

Then she figured out last week that she could roll from her back to her tummy. Very cool. So cool, in fact, that she promptly forgot she could roll from her tummy to her back. Now, she gets onto her tummy, doesn't know how to get back over, and gets mad and yells about it.

She's managed to roll back to front, then front to back, a couple of times, which proves she can do it, but generally one of us has to roll her back when she yells.

The Flickr site has been updated with some seasonal pictures!