Friday, October 10, 2008

Meltdown in Reactor E!

Elizabeth is generally such a laid-back, easygoing baby that it's both shocking and distressing when she isn't. We've learned to recognize some of her growth spurt signs -- eating more frequently, fussing because she can't eat fast enough, spitting up for a couple of days before the spurt starts -- but the big sign is the nuclear meltdown crying jags she has. She cries frantically and inconsolably for anywhere from 20-40 minutes at a stretch and it seems like none of our comfort measures work for longer than a minute or two at a time.

According to the books, the next growth spurt won't be till she's about six months old. I hope they're right!


Mandy said...

poor baby .. and poor baby's parents :( I would suggest to PUT THE BOOKS DOWN .. but I know when people told me that I didnt listen!!

Our son had growth spurts every three months ... even now sometimes at night he is fussy and cant seem to get comfortable and all that helps is to rub his legs.

I know those 20-40 mintues must be really hard for you .. its hard not to be able to comfort ... so hang in there and hopefully the next one wont be as bad for her (and you).

PS I love your title and your use of the term "nuclear meltdown crying"

Logic Boy said...

Nuclear is about the only way to describe it when she hits a certain level. It's just different.

She goes totally purple, you can feel the heat coming off her, and she gets this wide eyed scared/rabid animal look in her eyes. The sounds she makes are...beyond mad to a point of truly "wrathful God"/terrified of her own temper.

Just another way she may be like her dad. My blue eyes used to turn black (from extreme dialation) when I got that mad.

Luckily, it's not THAT often. Just enough that we came up with a name for it.