Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ultra-Sound and Ultra-Fine

Well, today was a big day. This was the follow-up appointment to the 20 week ultra-sound, and it's been a day long waited for. At the 20 week ultra-sound, I mentioned the problems with Choroid Plexus Cysts. If you don't remember, the link is here. Well, I did talk about how everything seemed okay, but we couldn't be SURE until the follow-up. Today was truly the "life or death" pronouncement, and happily we found out that the CPC's are gone. The baby is perfectly healthy and fine. The tech and doctor also checked the rest of the brain, the heart, and the kidneys, stating that most babies problems are in those areas. The baby is healthy in all locations and perfectly fine. The doctor said he was happy to "fire" us as patients.

While we had kept busy with other things, this had always been in the back of our minds. Scherza (also known as Grammar Girl) and I admitted to each other that we had both been very nervous. A great weight has been lifted, and it's amazing to realize how much it was weighing us down without even realizing it. The subtle pall of pain, the quiet melody of misery, while not loud, echoes like thunder with its absence. The rest of the day has really been a daze, and frankly I simply spent the night reading a book. Scherza/Grammar Girl spent it watching television.

It's nice to have those simple pleasures.

Oh...and the tech reiterated the sex of the baby to me. *wink*

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