Friday, March 28, 2008

And So It Begins...

Let this be the first post of this blog. Grammar Girl and I are expecting a baby. This has been a hard road for us, filled with infertility, Clomid (the psycho supplement), prayer, waiting, hope, happiness, nervousness, and expectation. Here is where the family happenings will be. The big day is around July 25.

I cannot wait, and yet, I am scared some days, nervous others, excited on yet others. I guess this is normal.

Bean is what we are calling the baby for now. I know the sex, but I'm not telling anyone. Grammar Girl doesn't want to know. That's fine. It's a challenge to keep my knowledge from her, and I hope that I haven't spilled it yet. She knows that I know, and is about the only one not trying to trick me into revealing the sex.

I can confidently say it's a hoo-mon, err, human.

This blog was Grammar Girl's idea, and I am happy to go along with it. This will be our family blog for our family and friends to find updates. I have other blogs, some more private than others. If I know you well, you know my other blogs. There is so much I could put here, and perhaps I, or Grammar Girl will. But not yet. Right now, it's time for candy with Grammar Girl, the Bowden (our dog), and "Bean".

Take care!

--Logic Boy

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